Orvis SonicSeam Waterfowler Bootfoot Waders

One cold day this fall Steve showed up sporting a brand new paid of Orvis SonicSeam Bootfoot Waders. As I looked down at my very chilly feet that were wrapped in frozen stocking foot waders, I asked if they were warm and he answered, “toasty”. Knowing that you have to give your first born and a kidney for a pair of bootfoot breathable waders, I asked if he had to sell his truck to get them and he said, “that the price wasn’t bad at all”.

I froze my feet for another month while Steve put the new bootfoots to the test. If you know Steve, you probably know that he puts gear to the test like nobody else. I once saw him tear the entire leg out of a brand new pair of waders on their first morning out of the box.

After, what I knew had to be a punishing month for the new waders, I asked Steve if there were any problems and if he’d recommend them. He said he absolutely loved them and they were still as good as the day he got them. I bought a pair that night and have been happy and warm all winter. These waders have removable felt packs for insulation and they work perfectly.

Steve and I think so much of these waders that we bought a pair for our friend Walt for Christmas.

orvis sonicseam waders

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