Hollis Bennett on the Pere Marquette

You may remember our friend Hollis Bennett from when he visited Beaver Island in July. Hollis is a top notch photographer and this visit he wanted to see winter steelhead in his viewfinder.

I hit the water for two days with Hollis, the first day with our very own Steve Martinez and the second with the King of Steelhead Swing, Walt Grau. We lucked out with both days being, not too cold, grey skies and several eager steelhead.

Hollis had a new underwater housing that he put to good use. For a guy from Nashville, Hollis showed some toughness keeping his hands submerged for minutes to get some of these great shots.

HollisBennett009 HollisBennett008 HollisBennett002 HollisBennett010 HollisBennett007 HollisBennett006 HollisBennett005 HollisBennett001

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