A Nod to G. Loomis

During a moment of frustration a while ago on Beaver Island I horsed a carp with a little too much gusto and in the process snapped a customer’s favorite G. Loomis 9 weight. Thinking of the old saying, “It isn’t the mistake that matters, it’s how you recover that make a difference”, I insisted on handling the rod return.

Other than having plenty of Loomis rods in and out of my boat over the years, I have never owned one. Having no experience with the company I filled out the proper web form, put the rod in a tube and shipped it off. In just over a week there was a new rod on my doorstep.

Props to the G. Loomis customer care. Efficient and hassle free warranty service is very much appreciated.

20151009-g. loomis fly rod 11215

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