Pere Marquette River Fishing Report- Oct 8th

Salmon fishing on the PM is now the best it has been for 2015. Is this the peak? Probably, but who knows. As is often the case in the fall, water conditions are low and clear. While clear skies don’t bring the rain we want it does make for great fall weather.

Approaching salmon within casting range without them changing their behavior has been our ticket for success. If the salmon start acting different than when you first saw them then your chances or getting a bite are about zero. Our fish in the net are most often the first good drift through.

Yesterday we had the biggest male salmon in the spot swing out after our big dark fly but refuse both times, probably because it was a foot or two too short and then he was done, no interest at all.

If you don’t get bit in the first couple good drifts, give the fish a break and try another fly. The 100th drift with the same flies is only going to get you a foul hooked fish.



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