Lovin’ the Sculpin (Goby) Helmet at Beaver Island

Steve and I were tying and talking the other day about how we should revise many of our old patterns, switching out the lead-eyes for Sculpin Helmets. The Sculpin Helmet is great at always keeping the hook riding up and they do a better job of not becoming wedged in the rocks. On some patterns they will make the fly glide or even spin as they fall and the fish seem to like that.

We found that the simple change of swapping out lead-eyes on a plain old fly often gives them a new and improved look.

Many years ago Steve came up with his Frankenstein Sculpin that does a perfect job of imitating a goby on the Lake Michigan flats or a sculpin anywhere. One of the patterns I’ve always had luck with on deeper tailing fish is the Rockhopper. I don’t know why they like the hot pink body but all that really matters is that carp eat it.

You can Expect to see us throwing more Sculpin Helmets in the future.


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