The Reel Winder

Our friend David Humphries is kicking-off a KickStarter campaign to help manufacture and market a line changing and organizing tool, here is a link to the Reel Winder Kickstarter page.

Dave gave me a prototype of the Reel Winder several years ago and I’ve been happily using it ever since. While I’ve always dreamed of having thirty rod and reel combos, always set up and ready to go, this has never been the case. Instead, like most people, I’m always changing out fly lines.

The Reel Winder allows me to quickly swap-out lines without the twists you get from hand winding. Then I label and toss the inexpensive Reel Winder spool in a box where it’s ready to quickly respool next time I need it.

I love my Reel Winder and if something happened to it I would immediately purchase another.

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