little kid, big fish

With an unusual combination of flat calm water with easy going and hungry carp, we had to end our guide trip early to get our people on a flight for the mainland. Cranking the engine while surrounded by tailing carp is tough and a perfect afternoon like this just couldn’t be wasted.

While making the boat run in I came up with a plan to park the boat on the beach, find my visiting daughter and enjoy a few more hours. We made the run back out to one of my favorite tailing carp spots, killed the engine and within minutes had several tailing fish to choose from.

We worked as a team to spot fish, I casted and set the hook and them handed the rod over for the long fight. We hooked-up on the first fish we casted to but lost it after a long fight just as I was getting the net ready. That fish was a lesson learned about putting too much pressure while your hand is on the reel.

Thankfully we were quickly into a second fish and this one, after about fifteen minutes, ended up in the net. We celebrated with a couple candy bars while running over to take a look at an old schooner wreck the Niko and then made the run in for dinner.


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