Old Flies Still Work

When we hit Beaver Island each year we’re excited and one of the things we’re excited about is trying and testing all of our new fly ideas. One problem with this is that we forget about most of our great old patterns that are proven winners and have tricked many a carp.

Recently I tied on a big old tan and brown Craw Bunny, chucked it out and started hooking carp. Fishing it reminded me of how fun it is to watch those big bunny strip claws swim through the water, a carp tip down and suck it in and then getting the fish to hand with a  gob of materials plastered all over the carp’s mouth and face.

Morlock’s Craw Bunny listed in tying order:
Hook… Tiemco 200R, size 4
Weight… lead wire, 12 or so wraps of .030
Eyes… large bead chain or lead eyes depending
Tail (flash)… 2 strands blue and 2 strands red, Krystal Flash
Tail (claws)… bunny strip tied so that they spread
Tail (color accent)… small pinch of yellow marabou
Tail (hackle)… schlappen
Body (inner)… yarn that matches the Polar Chenille, tapered toward tail
Body (outer)… Hareline Dubbin, Polar Chenille

Note: 1) This fly is around 3 inches in length. 2) Someone emailed and asked about the exact placement of the eyes… the eyes are tied on the bottom (inside bend) of the hook, they don’t look right tied on top (outside bend) of the hook. With the number 4 hook, there is still enough hook gap to do the job.


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