Michigan Cohos on Top

With the coho picture Steve sent the following:

This time of the year, here on the Pere Marquette, is awesome. Kings, steelhead, brown trout and coho are all in the system and if you fish each one with the right set up, can be some of the best fishing of the year.

While on a steelhead trip the other day we came across a bunch of coho, while I really like fishing steelhead, cohos are a close second. First up was my old standby, a pink and purple Dalai Lama, which got a few to follow but no takes. After a few fly changes and some thoughts I figured I would try a trick I brought back from Alaska. I didn’t have any Wogs or Gurglers so I took a small pink Thingamabobber and pinned it right in front of a pink and purple Dalai and… pow!

The first swing got smacked! . Cool, another swing and a miss. We spent the next hour or so swinging that rig in front of fish with great results and finally landed the great colored male after quite a few misses and hookups.

Steelhead are great and I still love them but nothing beats topside takes from super aggressive fish like cohos.

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