New boat heading my way.

Last week I headed over to see Mike at StealthCraft Boats to go over final details on my new river boat. Last year I borrowed a 16′ SuperFly and was impressed. When compared to the 14′ boat I’ve been using for way too many years, the StealthCraft had more room, floated higher and rowed much better.

I meet with Mike in the spring to work out the details for my new SuperFly and getting the final touches in his finish shop was a 16′ ATB (I think that stands for All Terrain Boat). The ATB is the style of boat you might know as a power drifter, kind of a cross between a drifter and sled.

I’ve spent so many years wallowing down the river whenever I had big guys, which was more days than not, that I couldn’t pass up the bigger boat. The ATB looks like it could comfortably carry an offensive football line and still have room for several cheerleaders.

I’m really excited about this boat and will have a full review after it hits the water.

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