Classic Carp Fly

This season I’ve went back to an old classic in my carp collection and it has been working great. For tailing carp in deeper water, my Carp Breakfast pattern in black with orange has been unstoppable.

With large lead eyes and a loop knot, it sinks like a rock and gets their attention from a good distance. Last week, one customer put almost a dozen in the net with the same fly.

A couple changes to the original are that I’ve omitted any flash, replaced the mallard with a second schlappen in orange and I trim the hackle on the “bottom side” so the fly will parachute and set on the bottom better. Also, remember to tie the marabou well around the bend of the hook, this also creates a parachute effect that helps keep the hook riding up and off the rocks.

Materials in tying order:
Hook- TMC 200R.
Eyes- lead eyes, large.
Tail- marabou, black.
Body- yarn, black.
Hackle- schlappen, black and orange tied together.

Carp flies.Carp fly.

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