parade of pigs

Here’s the rundown of our big carp from this summer, so far anyway. First up is Wayne with a 32 pounder. While Wayne’s fish just makes the cut-off as a pig, what is most impressive is that this carp was post-spawn. Add another ten or more pounds of eggs and that is one big carp.

The next picture is Tom with a carp that hit the scale at 36. Last but not least is Jonathan with an estimated carp in the high 30’s to 40’s.

While getting a big carp can simply be random luck, it does’t have to be. Often, big carp are around other big carp. If your not seeing them in the area your fishing, move and keep moving until you find bigger fish.

We also find that some areas often have big fish, we’ve started calling one spot “Whale Island” and no one has fished it yet this summer.

Fly fishing for carp.Fly fishing for carp and smallmouth bass in Michigan.Fly fishing for carp in Lake Michigan.

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