New Carp Fly, Adduci Carp Sucker

Austin has came up with a new fly that he calls the Carp Sucker and I’ve got to admit that it has caught some fish on a couple tough days. Austin likes this fly for shallower (1-3 foot) cruisers and sun bathers. He keeps the fly on the bottom and moves it relatively slowly with short and quick strips.

Materials In Tying Order:
Hook- TMC 200R in size 4.
Eyes- lead eyes in large yellow.
Tail- grizzly marabou in sand.
Body- leech yarn in amber.
Collar- grizzly marabou in sand.
Head- any pink synthetic dubbing.

Carp fly.Beaver Island Michigan.Carp flies.
Carp fly.Fly fishing for carp on Lake Michigan.

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