Fabio on Beaver Island

You might remember Fabio from here or here or even here.  Well he decided to give Beaver Island a try and had a great time.  Fabio brought his friend Fernando who was visiting from Brazil.  Fernando is a professional judo instructor, I asked if he could give a demonstration with Austin in the restaurant parking lot but Austin didn’t want to.

Austin sends the following:

Being a fishing guide you get to meet a lot of people, in my years doing this I have never fished anyone from out of this country.  That is until last week.  Fabio and Fernando from Brazil made it up to Beaver and all that they wanted was smallmouth and smallmouh they got.

Big numbers of fish in two days with almost a 1/2 dozen doubles had them laughing and smiling the entire time. I have never had a couple of anglers so enthusiastic about every fish that they caught. These two Brazilians instilled what fishing is about, enjoyment.

Smallmouth bass fishing.

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