Pere Marquette duck report-March 18th

Toward the end of a perfect steelhead trip my customers and I noticed two drake mallards near some bushes.  Actually, just across from the Barothy canoe landing.  As we approach, we noticed the one was acting really weird and we couldn’t figure out what he was doing.  As we passed he really started thrashing around, then we realized that he must be tangled in fishing line.

After hauling the boat back upstream, we row over to the bushes and break the limb that the duck is attached to.  He has a very small caddis fly stuck in his bill, this is attached to a mess of flies and line wrapped around his legs.  His head was pulled very tight across his chest.  This duck was not heading toward a good evening.

Lucky for the duck we had plenty of tools for cutting line and are pretty good at hook removal.

And the steelhead fishing has been great too.

Michigan steelhead fishing.

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