Lake Michigan Pike: “Lake Shore all the Way”

Saw this over on Great Lakes Guru and thought it was pretty cool: a tourist guide from 1915 to the West Michigan Pike, from Chicago to Mackinaw. Today this is pretty much all rt.31. The entire 73 page booklet is available as a PDF and is interesting not only for the copy (the tourism-speak isn’t too different today), but it’s also interesting to see how things have changed. For example, it’s neat to see how many more rail lines and ferries there were in 1915. There was apparently a “dummy” line (streetcar line) from Ludington north to Epworth Heights and Hamlin Lake.

It’s also cool to see the ads. I thought this one in particular was cool: a steamship cruise from Chicago to Niagara Falls and back, for 7 days, room and meals included, for $40.

lake michigan tourism

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