egg sucking sculpin

Kevin wanted an easy and quick to tie “sculpin stealing an egg” fly that looked natural in the water. Easy and quick meaning it did not involve a trimmed deer hair head. With a few changes he modified Walt Grau’s Easy Sculpin and came up with a fly that has ended up in the mouth of many a salmon this season.

Kevin likes the rag yarn because it is a blend of several natural colors, giving it that mottled sculpin look. While the fly looks clunky dry, it transforms into an alive looking imitation when wet.

Hook – Daiichi 2151, size 1 or Mustad R74-9672
Tail – brown rag yarn (only available at FlyMasters?)
Body – Cactus Chenille, large pearl
Flash Collar – red Flashabou Mirage, 6-10 one inch strands tied facing back
Hackle – mustard yellow/brown
Head – brown rag yarn, about a two inch piece fanned and tied over and under (just like tying a Nuke Egg).
Egg – bright colored Cactus Chenille or Estaz

salmon streamer patternsalmon streamer pattern

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