Pere Marquette fishing report -October 10th

We are still going strong in the salmon department here on the Pere Marquette. Fresh fish are getting harder to come by, but there are still plenty very fresh fish around. Check out Doug’s beautiful fresh hen from yesterday below.

The weather has improved dramatically over the past week or so. Some might even say it improved a little too much. It was almost starting to feel like summer again with highs breaking the eighty degree mark. But it’s hard to argue with crystal clear skies, bright sun and warm temps after all the rain and cold we’ve had this fall. The warmer water temps also mean that a lot of 20lb salmon are getting airborne. Lots of fun.

Steelhead are around but we need some rain and probably some colder weather to get a good push moving up the river. There are literally gobs of eggs in the river right now so targeting browns and steelhead behind salmon is pretty much useless. It’s more a matter of lucking into one than anything else. We’ve lucked into a couple steelhead in the upper river fishing the dark water behind gravels, but nothing to the net over the past week.

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