Swinging for Steelhead

The salmon run continues to build in the upper river with more fish piling onto the gravels every day. And there are still great numbers of salmon in the lower river waiting to come up. Salmon eggs are literally tumbling down the river by the millions. This year’s run has already been epic, and the end is nowhere in sight.

But fall steelhead are on our minds. More and more of these fish are being seen and caught every day. We love swinging big streamers to these fish on two handed rods in the fall. We think they are the perfect gamefish: beautiful, hard fighting, aggressive, and rare. And get this: the Pere Marquette was the first river in North America to have brown trout stocked in it. That’s pretty cool. But there were wild steelhead in it before that.

Sure, they’re not native, but there is some real history on this river.

Late October and November are the perfect times to come up and swing flies for wild steelhead. We still have some great dates open so drop us a line if you’re interested in taking a trip. Here’s some pics from last November.

pere marquette steelheadpere marquette steelhead

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