Pere Marquette fishing report -Oct 1st

It seems like the peak of the salmon run has coincided with the peak of the anglers this year which is always nice. Though what is even better is that it looks like we will continue to have good numbers of salmon in the river while angler pressure will decline dramatically. If you want to have lots of big fish mostly to yourself, now is the time to come. We still have a few open days in October, so if you want to get in on some last minute salmon (or steelhead or trout) fishing, drop us a line.

There are fish all over the gravels in the middle and upper river with several holes in the middle river still packed tight with fresh fish waiting to move up. Plenty of fast moving migrators pushing through every day, particularly with the slightly higher stained water over the past several days. Last week was pretty rainy but the river is in perfect condition. We got our first shot of cold weather the other night with lows in the upper 20s and a solid frost yesterday morning.

Our best flies continue to be big nuke eggs in steelhead orange with white veil, hot pink with white veil, and grapefruit: steelhead orange with chartreuse veil. Streamers at first light hung in front of fish will usually elicit a strike, though the streamer bite often slows down during the day.

We’ve been getting into quite a few nice brown trout and a couple steelhead too. We’ll have a bonus fish fishing report tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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