Pere Marquette fishing report -August 30th

Seems like the consensus is that this is one of the earliest and strongest runs of salmon the Pere Marquette has had in many, many years. Some experienced guides have even said it’s the best early run since the 80s. Not only do we have great numbers of salmon all the way from the river mouth to the fly water already, but there are a lot of very big fish. We’ve all already hooked several 20lb+ fish. We had one on yesterday that wasn’t an ounce shy of 25lb. And the water temps are so cool for this time of year that these fish aren’t tiring out so they are extremely hard to land.

Alan and his seven year old son Jack came up to fish with me yesterday. Had a great time. It was very cool to see them team up together to fight these big, hot salmon. We only got one to the boat, but it was an awesome day. Kevin lost count of how many they hooked on Monday. Only one of those made it to the boat.

Also, seems like we’ve had some good streamer biters in the middle river this year which is always nice to see. Walt Grau landed a nice one on a large fire tiger streamer the other day after losing several others to log jams.

If you want to get in on some of this incredible early salmon action, now is the time. We have several days open over the next few weeks. Drop us a line- matt [at] thirdcoastfly [dot] com

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