carp fly pattern – the Tailer Teaser

From Kevin’s quiver:

It seems like each season I’m targeting more tailing carp. They’re just easier to catch. They will usually hit anything that gets their attention. The problem is most of the carp are tailing in 4 to 8 feet of water and it takes a streamlined, well leaded fly to get down quickly. Though the problem with a “streamlined” fly is that it doesn’t get their attention as well as something bulkier.

The Tailer Teaser has produced best for me so far this season when going after deeper tailing carp. It sinks fast enough and does a good job of getting noticed. I have tried several color variations and the one shown below has worked best.

You may ask why I use the lead wire in combination with small lead eyes versus simply using larger lead eyes. This is because I want the fly to remain level as it sinks and because the larger lead eyes seem to plunk the water harder than smaller lead eyes. And we all know what think about plunking the water.

Morlock’s Tailer Teaser

Hook – Mustad R74-9672, size 4
Lead – 25 wraps of .025 lead wire
Eyes – red, size small
Tail – Enrico Puglisi 3D fibers in everglades
Tail Flash – orange crystal flash
Body – root beer estaz
Rubber Legs – brown and black barred
Head – orange estaz

carp fly

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