Pere Marquette fishing report -July 9th

Hex are pretty much done here on the PM. Could get lucky tonight or tomorrow or later this week, but it’s a long shot. I got out for a few hours last Wednesday and finally got my own decent hex fish for the year. There were six or seven fish rising within casting distance. Most were small, splashing at the bugs, but it was just light enough for me to see that one was making two rise forms every time it came up to feed, one for its head and one for its tail as it tipped back down into the water column. Wasn’t a huge fish, but a quality fish and I was happy.

Threw some hoppers on Friday with Jamey and didn’t do very well, just a couple small trout. But honestly, we weren’t trying too hard. The highlights of the day included catching a bluegill in the lower fly water and having a dragonfly grab a softhackle out of mid air and try to fly off with it.

The river is currently at summer levels and quite clear, particularly in the upper river. With some hot, humid weather and this low, clear water, mousing is the way to go. So come on up and throw some mammals with us.

pere marquette fishing reportpere marquette fishing report

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