Beaver Island fishing report -June 6th

Kevin sends this report from the Islands.

With a week of great weather, including a perfect 4th of July, the fishing has been good. With lots of warm water in the shallows, fish numbers are excellent and while we’ve been getting fish each day, the fishing has been somewhat off.

I often say that a tailing carp will hit anything that you put on its nose, though that has not been the case for the last several days. We have gobs of small (8-15 pound) tailing carp around but 80% of them never react to the fly. They just root around on the bottom until we hit them with the fly or the boat gets too close.

But with so many fish around, there are plenty that do inhale that fly and make it to the boat. It’s only a matter of time until summer finally, actually settles in over northern Lake Michigan.

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