News Update Friday

  • Sent out the latest Indigo Guide Service newsletter yesterday. Check it out here. And while there’s no contest this time, you might want to sign up for our mailing list anyway because we usually do have a contest. With prizes. Not like cash money or anything, but they’re decent prizes.
  • Ohio landowners fighting to keep public off their beach front. Here on Lake Michigan it’s legal to walk the beach up to the high water mark everywhere. Which is nice for the non-beach-front-landowners among us.
  • The Pere Marquette is high and dirty at Walhalla. And it’s cold. The low tonight is supposed to be 45. We broke 1100 cfs at Scottville last night. But there’s no rain in the forecast for the weekend and it looks like warmer temps are on the way. The hex may very well explode next week. It may be late, but it’s going to happen dammit.

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