Pere Marquette fishing report – June 13th

Mike and Ben stopped in on their way back from Beaver Island for a day or two of trout fishing. We hit the upper river yesterday and it still had a bit of stain to it. We started out throwing streamers in the late afternoon and rolled quite a few fish including a couple nice ones, but none of them hung on for a more than a few seconds.

The real action started around 8pm when the risers got going. There were sporadic caddis and a good number of big golden stones. There was a good gray drake hatch that got going right before dark. We caught five or six 10-14″ browns in about 2 hours mostly on gray drake spinners, one or two on #12 elk hair caddis as well.

Mike is an accomplished angler who has fished for pretty much everything that swims pretty much everywhere they swim, but he only recently picked up fly fishing in any serious way. I’m happy to say that he got his first fish on a dry fly and his first brown trout last night.

We’re back at it today, fishing pike in the afternoon and after trout again in the evening. We’re hoping to get into another good hatch and do some mousing as well.

pere marquette guidepere marquette guide

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