Pere Marquette fishing report – June 8th

We had a couple unseasonably hot days with highs over 90 degrees and Tuesday night it barely got down to 70. Water temp in the upper river was a surprising 67 yesterday evening. But a cold front moved through last night and brought some wicked thunderstorms and heavy rain. Not sure if the water will pick up much of a stain in the upper river, but it might not be a bad idea to pack some streamers today and tomorrow just in case.

My folks were up for a visit and my dad and I got out for a couple hours last night before we were driven off the river by severe thunderstorms and some really thick mosquitoes. Not much hatch activity. Not a gray drake spotted. We threw terrestrials and did some nymphing and managed to pick up a rainbow before the storms rolled in. Such a shame about the storms because things were shaping up for a great night of mousing: super low, clear water and hot temps.

The Hex hatch is just around the corner. Any day now. We have some great dates left for the hex hatch so drop us a line if you’re interested. And mousing after dark will only get better.

We also stopped in at Historic White Pine Village. Pretty neat place. Learned that the first wave sentry at Big Sable Point didn’t last too long.

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