News Update Friday

  • It’s Spring.  Or as we like to call it, obscure fly fishing world record season.  A couple years ago our friend Brandon Butler set the world record for bowfin caught on the fly for the 20lb tippet class.  Last week, Kevin landed a monstrous 37″ long nose sucker on 4lb tippet.  The paperwork is submitted and we’re waiting on official word.  Picture to come.
  • In less cheery news, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, in cooperation with the Pure Michigan campaign, announced Wednesday that Michigan will be re-legalizing salmon snagging on the Pere Marquette, Manistee (only below Tippy Dam), and Grand Rivers effective August 1 2011.  Snyder said, “The economy was in such good shape back then.   And people just love snagging salmon.  So we think this is a win win for the state.”
  • We are really passionate about carp fishing.  Sure, Beaver Island is a great place to do it, but we’re sick of traveling all that way.  We want some better carp fishing on the Pere Marquette.  So last week we dumped 20,000 asian carp in at Indian Bridge.  Good thing the river is no wake!

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