Pere Marquette fishing report -March 3rd

Fishing was very good here on the Pere Marquette River last week.  Dave and Julie were up from Indiana for a couple days and caught a lot of fish with Steve.  While they hooked a few steelhead, they caught more nice brown trout and coho than anything.

One of the weirdest things this year on the PM has been the coho run.  These fish are supposed to run in the fall and we usually get some, but not typically enough to actually target.  This year, however, the run has been very late and with very good numbers.  Dave and Julie went 13 for 26 on coho in about five hours last Wednesday.  Coho (or silver salmon) are extremely aggressive and a lot of fun to fish for.  It doesn’t hurt that in their full spawning colors and morphology, they also look really cool.

Fishing continued to be very good over the weekend and we’ll have another fishing report tomorrow including some more coho pics.  It really is March Madness around here.

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