White River float

Steve and Walt hit the White River last week for some steelhead that never did cooperate. The White is located just south of the Pere Marquette. It’s smaller than the PM and while it certainly has good numbers of wild steelhead and brown trout, it also receives significant hatchery support. Steve had the luxury of floating in Walt’s Indigo Boat Company’s pirogue. As you may be able to tell by the logo on the side of the boat, Indigo Guide Service was also once a boat company. But Kevin gave up boat making when he started making millions as a guide. Millions.

In other news, Steve and I walked in today on the PM for a few hours of swinging flies. I hooked two fish in about 15 minutes then that was it. One of these fish was a very large lake run brown trout. Broke both fish off. I suck.

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