Pere Marquette fishing report- steelhead- Nov 14th

Steve was out with Jeff and Jim on the lower river and while the streamer bite was slow, eggs and nymphs are producing fish.  Fish were caught on a bunny strip Hex nymph and on nuke eggs, Oregon cheese with a white halo. 

Most of the runs in the lower river are quite deep and a standard indicator rig is very difficult to use effectively.  When you set it to run 8′ deep with enough weight to get it down quickly, it’s almost impossible for even an accomplished caster to turn over.  To fish most of the holes in the lower Pere Marquette on most days you really need to go with the chuck and duck rig.  It ain’t pretty, but it sure does catch fish.

Steve’s going to have a step by step on his bunny strip Hex pattern later this week.

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