The Dark Side of the Inbox

Last Thursday, November 4th, Kevin, Steve, Walt Grau, and myself traveled to Lansing to give comments to the Natural Resources Commission at the second to last public meeting regarding new gear restrictions on the Pere Marquette River.

The single point we tried to get across in our comments was that a 100% wild fishery like the Pere Marquette cannot sustain liberal 5 salmon/3 steelhead per day creel limits. We support gear restrictions on the Pere Marquette because under Michigan’s sparse four category regulations structure gear restrictions are the only avenue for special reduced creel limits.

We do not want to exclude bait anglers. This is not about flies vs. bait. This is about protecting a delicate, 100% wild fishery that simply will not last under current regulations. We do not know how to say it more clearly than that.

On Friday November 5th we were extremely disappointed to receive the following threat from John Stevens via Indigo Guide Service’s web inquiry form:

“I hope you realize what a big mistake you just made by backing the new gear restrictions on Michigans waters. What makes you so special that you think you can have these waters all to yourself. Heres what I propose for you, how about we make your guide service license so high you can’t afford to do it any longer? Think that might get your attention. Way to go, you take my resource that I help pay for, and make it your own private play ground? Just who do you think you are??? trust me, I will spend every last dollar I have to put you, and others like you out of business. you want us NON- elitist to be put out of business by taking our waters? Just not the right thing to do.”

John, how about you spend “every last dollar” you have on habitat improvements, law enforcement, and much needed scientific research on the Pere Marquette’s salmon and steelhead fishery? That’s the right thing to do.

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