Pere Marquette fishing report- steelhead- Nov 7th

Steelhead fishing in the lower river has been very good over the last four days.  There also seem to be a good number of cohos in the river now.  On Friday Steve and I floated one section of the lower river while Kevin floated a different one.  Kevin caught several steelhead swinging natural colored streamers while Steve and I caught several steelhead aggressively stripping hot colored, super flashy Feenstra-style streamers.   Go figure.  We’ve also got into fish throwing Hot ‘N Tots.  Hot green spec has been the best color in my boat, though gold and orange is always a good choice.  We’re seeing the same thing with plugs as we are with streamers: sometimes a very slow retrieve is the ticket, though at least one day last week they were producing better when retrieved fairly quickly.  Either way, we’re not complaining.

It was blowing snow and cold on Friday.  Got a covering of wet snow overnight in Ludington Friday, but it’s supposed to warm up into the 60s this week.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a look into the dark side of our inbox.

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