Muskegon fishing report- Nov 3rd

Steve sends the following from the Muskegon:

If you haven’t had your fill of salmon there are still a few around both on the PM and down on the Muskegon. Focusing on gravel bars and riffles from Pine Ave. to Thornapple had enough salmon to keep us busy, but it wont be long till it’s over. A few steelhead were spotted while fishing salmon and fishing egg patterns behind the remaining spawning salmon should get you bit. Swinging streamers is mostly happening below Thornapple and even down below Henning Park. Swinging the deep pools and runs should be the ticket. Flow was around 1100 cfs. 10-12 feet of t-14 with a 3ft leader should get you in the game. Water temps were in the low 50s so expect active fish.

This is a pattern I like to swing and even strip for fall steelhead, the Super Egg Sucker.

hook- TMC 300
head- orange trout bead
tail- black marabou
body- peacock cactus chenille
flash- red tinsel, gold tinsel, copper tinsel
collar- yellow mallard flank

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