Pere Marquette fishing report- steelhead- Nov 2nd

Well, we might as well just make this steelhead week on Third Coast Fly. The fish are around in good numbers and the fishing has been great.

Steve sends the following:

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to fish with the man that has taught me more about fishing than most people have forgot. This man has always been there for advice, reminding me of “secret spots” that we’ve fished through the years, spots that nobody else fishes, spots that only people who have been fishing the river for more than thirty years know about. This year I have been fortunate enough to fish with this man for Pere Marquette king salmon several times. And now, steelhead as well.

He is not a fly fisherman. He likes to pitch Thundersticks and Hot ‘N Tots. But this doesn’t make him any less the fishing hero that I look up to.

This great fisherman is my dad.

We went 7 for 11 today.

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