News Update Friday

  • Asian carp article in the New Yorker, written by none other than Ian Frazier.  Ralph Steadman contributes some vicious carp art.  Pretty depressing article, particularly with this kind of quote: “‘Some of these are major rivers with important salmon runs, like the Pere Marquette and the Manistee…Asian carp in those rivers could become a disaster really fast.'”
  • I said it before and I’ll say it again, Robert Thompson of Third Year Fly Fisher doing some of the best fly fishing cinematography around.  His composition, lighting, and manipulation of depth of field are really fantastic.  Check out the Musky Country teaser.
  • Steve and his father and law fish with me, wears TFM shirt, sends trip report to Cam at TFM, I send you to TFM.  Pretty simple really.  The internet is awesome.

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