News Update Friday

  • The Michigan DNRE released their final proposal for new gear restrictions a few weeks ago.  We have a lot to say about that, as you might imagine, and will have something here next week or soon thereafter.  For now, check out this great piece at Great Lakes Echo where they quote Brian Burroughs, Executive Direction of Michigan Trout Unlimited, saying something we agree with 100%: “‘Most of our members worry about what’s right for the fish first, and what’s right for the angler later,’ Burroughs said, ‘Generally, opponents of gear restrictions believe that they have a right to fish how they see fit, but hunting and fishing is a privilege, not a right.’”
  • ArtPrize officially kicked off more than two weeks of festivities and judging on Wednesday in Grand Rapids.  The winning piece of art is chosen by public vote and the artist is awarded $250,000 with total prizes of $449,000.  Despite a bit of controversy surrounding the event amongst the arts community, it’s another reason Grand Rapids is one of the coolest small cities in the country.
  • And on the other side of the state, Detroit is increasingly being noted for it’s hipster vibe, as This is Fly points out.  Yes, I said “hipster vibe.”
  • Another gale warning on the big lake through Saturday morning.  We got another good push of fish yesterday in the lower Pere Marquette and the middle river is loaded with spawning fish.  The next couple days would be a good time to come up and get into some fish.

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