Last week Indigo Guide Steve Martinez was fishing below Scottville when he heard someone yelling for help. He went upstream and found a man in the water and another on a log holding a swamped boat. Steve got a life vest on the man in the water and pulled him on board his boat then raced upriver while monitoring the man’s status. The man lost consciousness a few minutes later. Steve had called 911 and the paramedics were waiting for him. The man was rushed to the hospital. Sadly, after three days in critical condition, Wilbur De Ruiter, 75, of Hart, Michigan, died Friday.

We’re happy to have a guy like Steve on the team and extend our condolences to Wilbur’s family.

Another man died this weekend fishing the North break wall in Ludington. Folks, be careful out there. The current in the lower river is deceivingly strong. Conditions on the break walls can be dangerous.

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