News Update Friday

  • MidCurrent gets all history-y on us.  Joan Wulff with the first comment to boot.  Pretty cool.
  • Singlebarbed on homemade dubbing blends, too many chioce quotes for one News Update Friday: “you have to make due with Momma’s food processor until she’s spitting guard hairs from a smoothie” or “one of my fur donors had slipped out to lie spread-eagled on the roadbed, and shaved opossum can resemble Siamese if the light is right”.
  • This article from Food and Wine magazine borders on the pretentious, but certainly comes down in favor of Michigan’s great wine country.
  • While all the fancy satellite data says the water off Ludington is still warm, we happen to live here, and we heard there’s cold water pushing up on the pierheads.  And so as you read this, we’re out on the lake, trying to catch the ever elusive fly rod open water salmon.

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