Pere Marquette fishing report- July 25th

Ian from Fly Masters, a fantastic fly shop down in Indianapolis, was up our way for a while so we got out mousing on Friday night and Sunday night. Water was up a good bit with some stain on Friday. Water temp was 63 which is quite cold for this time of year. It was 68 in the same spot two weeks ago. Came back up on Sunday night to 67.

The fishing has been very slow during the day. We turned quite a few fish on streamers, but none committed. Hoppers were not fishing well at all. After dark, things have been a bit better. Friday night Ian started rolling fish on a mouse pattern at dusk but it took a while for a fish to commit. But finally, out of the blackness, KERPLOOSH, a big one rolled that mouse and rolled it hard, finally hanging on for a while. It was super foggy on the river which made for slightly tougher rowing and pretty weird photos. We had a bright, nearly full moon on Sunday night and while it is really cool to row down the river under a full moon, the fish don’t seem to like it much.

And check out Fly Master’s webpage. They have a contest going right now. Send in a picture of your Fly Master’s hat in a cool place and if it is deemed the coolest of the cool you get a free, full day guided trip with our very own Steve Martinez on the Pere Marquette river in October. That is a damn fine prize if I do say so myself.

Remember, always click on the pictures to enlarge them. I mean, not only is Ian’s big brown worth a closer look, check out that tight loop…and that mustache.

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