News Update Friday

Don’t worry. We’re back with News Update Friday. Our call center was at capacity the last two Fridays with angry readers demanding the news update. Have no fear dear reader. You are now updated.

  • Did you miss Kevin and Steve’s awesome post on cloudy day Lake Michigan Carp tactics?  Check it out here.
  • I have to admit I’ve thought about it.  Particularly when those fall steelhead seem motivated by a shaky wide body Hot-n-Tot but not a MOAL leech.
  • And if you haven’t already heard, though I doubt that as it was all over the news this past week, a live Asian Carp was found 30 miles past the electric fence, only 6 miles from Lake Michigan.  Might be time to implement Kevin’s HUMAN TRAFFIC JAM plan in Chicago.  Or, following on over 100 years of awesome Great Lakes Resource Management, we’ll just stock bull sharks in Lake Michigan to eat the carp.

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