Lake Michigan smallmouth

As promised, the slab parade concludes today with some pictures of plump smallmouth. The bigger of the two measured just over 20″. A 20″ fish of that girth is quite heavy. Kevin and the gang up on Beaver Island caught more than a dozen smallmouth over 5lbs in their first week. However, because Beaver Island is so far north, the smallmouth spawn continues late into June and therefore one cannot legally target them before July 1st. All of these fish were incidental catches during carp fishing. Not a bad incidental catch, and pretty much unavoidable.

Central Michigan University has banded a number of smallmouth in the area, as can be seen below, and requests that anglers note and report the number on the band of any smallmouth caught.

Let us hope that the slab parade continues in the near future. Until then, good day. Oh, you can click on the images below to enlarge.

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