Zonkora baby

A little while back we posted a report about Steve’s clients catching some nice browns on a pattern called Zonkora. I had no idea what that pattern was. I figured it had something to do with a zonker strip. I can always get behind a pattern that has something to do with a zonker strip. And it has rubber legs? Bunny strip and rubber legs. Yes. I can stand behind this fly. I can endorse this fly’s candidacy for the United States Senate. If it chooses to run. And if it were possible for a fly pattern to be a senator. Wait? What? The zonker strip is cut down the middle? Sweet.

Steve says it produces best when fished slow with short strips so that the cut zonker gets moving in a few different ways.

thread- black
hook-TMC 300 #6
medium cone head gold
tail- orange marabou
body-peacock eztaz
rubber legs- white/white chartreuse
back- magnum olive zonker strip cut lengthwise down the middle after tied in

zonkora fly patternzonkora fly pattern
zonkora fly patternzonkora fly patternzonkora fly pattern

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