The River Why

The River Why is a fine book. I don’t think it’s fantastic, but it’s good. A good fishing book. A good fishing book that would have been great had it been about 1/3 shorter.

After a rather tortuous several years of legal trouble with the book’s author David James Duncan and some serious funding issues,  the movie version of The River Why is set to premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival on April 14th.  I for one am very much looking forward to watching it, not that I’ll be in Dallas for the premiere.  There has been a good bit of chatter about the economic impact another fly fishing movie could have on the fly fishing industry (cf. A River Runs Through) and I think that would be great if it happened, of course.

But quite honestly I simply enjoy the fact that something I love is getting some national and international media and Hollywood attention, that William Hurt and Amber Heard and Kathleen Quinlan and Zach Gilford are at least pretending to do what I love to do.   I probably wouldn’t like it if it was this way all the time and I had paparazzi in the bushes snapping pictures of me dropping the boat in at Gleason’s Landing, but I’d take Amber Heard fishing any day.

Thing is, this is an independent film so it isn’t playing very many places yet, a total of four are on the schedule right now, the closest in Athen’s Ohio.  Does anyone want to organize a screening in Michigan?

And, lo and behold, after much internet digging, I found two clips of the movie.  They’re not the greatest clips, but they’re more than I could find anywhere else.  Check them out here.

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