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Pere Marquette River Fishing Report– September 18th

Friday, September 18th, 2015

It doesn’t seem possible but there is nothing to really update from the past two weeks fishing reports. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending how you look at the world, the fishing is maintaining at an OK level.┬áThere are enough salmon to find a few each day but often no more.

Rumor has it that there is a wall of warm water setting off Ludington, this has happened in the past and always delays the run.

The water levels in the river are pretty low and the river is running clear, especially upstream. Maybe some rain this weekend will help with both water conditions and salmon migration.

Tip: I really don’t have a top fly to recommend this week but can say that on a couple of the days with clear water and bright sun it came down to a dead drift versus any with a swing. When the bite turned off and we want to floating lines and a dead drift instead of a chuck-n-duck rig, we were able to get things going again.



Pere Marquette River Fishing Report– Sept 4th

Friday, September 4th, 2015

Steve sends the following:

Fishing remains fair at this point with multiple hook-ups and if the stars align you may even put some salmon in the net. At this point the lower river has the bulk of the migrating salmon as they slowly making their way toward the spawning gravels.

Body baits and spinners are working well, some fish are also being caught on streamers and heavy sink-tips.

Tip: Fish the wood and if a woody spot has a deep run, it will be holding salmon.

Pere Marquette River Fishing Report– August 28th

Friday, August 28th, 2015

Steve sends the following:

The salmon bite has been good with most people reporting a few fish caught for a days fishing. Better yet the fishing pressure, so far anyway, has been light.

Steve found a couple fish in most holes while fishing the middle of the PM. Throwing spinners they were able to get into a couple nice salmon and one steelhead.

The first part of this week has been cool and wet, so hopefully more salmon will be on the way.

Pere Marquette River Fishing Report- May 8th

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Now that almost nobody is fishing, the PM received another batch of steelhead and with this weather what a wonderful time to be on the river. I’m afraid that all the rain has just missed us, therefore the river is getting low and clear.

Smolt have maybe been outproducing eggs and Walt reports doing well on Pheasant Tails.

This summer like weather has me thinking that there’s probably some pretty good mousing to be had.

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