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2015 Carp Fly, Morlock’s Hot Spot

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Another year, another Carp Fly Swap. This year the swap moved over to The Midwest Drift.

This was my best Beaver Island fly from 2014. It is very easy to tie, always rides hook-up because of the jig hook, looks great in the water and best of all the carp like to eat it. I tie this pattern in a couple colors and then use pink, red, purple and yellow as accent colors. The tinsel and marabou are tied so I can remove then while on the water incase I need a bland natural fly. The fly fishes best in the 2-5 foot depth zone.

Click here to see more photos, the recipe and tying directions for the Morlock’s Hot Spot.

Beaver Island Carp Fly

Flaps Down Hella Mite

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

An 80’s pop song inspired hellgrammite pattern from our buddy Joe over at Hook Shots.

Martinez Frankenstein Sculpin

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

When Cam at The Fiberglass Manifesto was on the island for Beaver Bash 2014 he took photos of Steve and I tying a couple of our new and favorite Beaver Island flies.

Here is the link to Steve’s.

Martinez Frankenstein Sculpin

the summers best carp fly

Monday, July 7th, 2014

This has been my go-to fly for the summer. Fast, easy to tie and because their thinly tied, they sink like a rock. Tied on a size 1, Daiichi 2151 this is a bigger fly than the picture may lead you to believe, they end up being about three inches.

My most common tie is brown with x-large lead eyes and pink or yellow accent but you can certainly mix things up. The thin tie combined with the heavy eyes does cause one problem though, carp often miss it. It seems to be so heavy with not enough materials that they cannot always hoover it off the bottom.

The only remedy we can find to this problem is using a short strip set when you see the take. The carp will often chase and make another attempt. To the carp it probably seems like a stubborn crawfish clinging to the bottom for dear life.

While we’ve never given this simple pattern a name, we have started calling them “pimps” or “carp pimp” for their bright accent colors.

Carp Pimp with materials in tying order:
Hook- Daiichi 2151 in size 1 (but you could certainly downsize)
Eyes- silver lead eyes
Tail- brown marabou
Body- tan yarn
Accent- pinch of marabou
Flash- one inch light blue tinsel just in front of accent
Collar- brown schlappen