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nice to have great friends

Monday, August 17th, 2015

A while ago Steve surprised me with a handful of my gobies. It must have been because I was complaining about using my last and was missing having a few in the box. That goby pattern is probably my go to fly when nothing else will work.

The goby is a great fly but an unpleasant tie, I almost refuse to tie them. Thanks to Steve I now have a few in the box and can hit the water with confidence.

Here is a link from last time I ran out of gobies.

Here is a link with tying directions, just in case someone enjoys frustration.

Thank You Steve!

morlock goby carp fly

Lovin’ the Sculpin (Goby) Helmet at Beaver Island

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Steve and I were tying and talking the other day about how we should revise many of our old patterns, switching out the lead-eyes for Sculpin Helmets. The Sculpin Helmet is great at always keeping the hook riding up and they do a better job of not becoming wedged in the rocks. On some patterns they will make the fly glide or even spin as they fall and the fish seem to like that.

We found that the simple change of swapping out lead-eyes on a plain old fly often gives them a new and improved look.

Many years ago Steve came up with his Frankenstein Sculpin that does a perfect job of imitating a goby on the Lake Michigan flats or a sculpin anywhere. One of the patterns I’ve always had luck with on deeper tailing fish is the Rockhopper. I don’t know why they like the hot pink body but all that really matters is that carp eat it.

You can Expect to see us throwing more Sculpin Helmets in the future.


Carp Fly Hatch

Friday, June 12th, 2015

It only takes a few windy rainy days on Beaver Island for the carp flies to really start hatching. They start popping off the vises in different sizes and colors, with about every material you can think of.

You can see the evolution as tying boredom combines with cocktails to create crazier and unfortunately mostly useless flies but every now and then a new great fly is born.

fly fishing carp flies

Baby Salmon, Yummy

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Spring in some of west Michigan’s rivers that have wild salmon, like the Pere Marquette, is a time of an often overlooked hatch. From mid April through May, these rivers can be stuffed with clouds of salmon fry. A look along the shoreline will often reveal dozens of these 1-1 1/2″ baby salmon.

Everything loves to eat these little guys, so I always have some in my steelhead box for drifting with an egg. If that gym sock sized streamer isn’t turning any spring trout, tie on a fry pattern, it will often turn your day around.

The other fly is the Alevin Martinez, you can get the recipe here on the Indigo site.

My Baby Salmon Fly:
Hook… Daiichi 1530, size 6 or 8
Tail and Body… Flashabou Mirage, 3005 opal
Wing… natural mallard
Head Base… built up black thread
Gill Accent… red thread
Head Finish… your favorite head hardener


morlocks baby salmon michigan salmon smolt fly