new carp fly

I’ve started tying a new carp fly this season and the carp seem to really like it. With the flash and bright colors it seems to get there attention from a good distance and they still follow through by sucking it in.

This fly doesn’t have a name yet, if it continues to catch fish we’ll need to come up with something.

Materials in Tying Order:
Hook- Daiichi 4660 in size 4.
Eyes- large lead eyes (vary to suit your needs).
Tail- rabbit, barred in tan and black (I see variation in the future).
Body- sparkle yarn, tan.
Throat Flash- Flashabou, copper.
Throat Color- marabou, yellow or pink (other colors should work also).
Collar- schlappen, brown.
Head- Ice Dub, green/yellow

Fly patterns for carp.Fly fishing for carp.

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