Carp Fishing Is On… Now!

I’ll tease you with a quote by Kirk Deeter in a recent post for Field & Stream Fly Talk.

“So if you are looking to go on a serious carp adventure, there are some trips available on Beaver Island this summer. I’m on record as saying that when it’s at its best Beaver Island offers some of the premier flats fishing in America, on par or better than anything you’ll find in Florida, Louisiana, Texas or elsewhere. Just imagine sight casting for massive fish (sometimes 20-pounders or big) in gin-clear water; in total solitude; in total bug-free comfort; and landing hundreds of pounds worth in a given day. If that doesn’t remove any hangups you might have with carp, I don’t think I can help you.”

Here’s a link to the rest of Kirk’s article.

Fly fishing for carp on the flats of Lake Michigan.

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