We’ve got a prize

As you may remember from a post last week.  I’m heading to Denver at the end of this month for the sixth annual Carp Slam, a fundraiser for Denver Trout Unlimited.  I made a pitch for donations and to my surprise, several people contributed and I thank them very much.

Our friend David from River Traditions, the guy you’ve seen selling customized fly boxes and other gear at every show around the Midwest, email and said that he was putting a large fly box in the mail to use as a prize for people that donated to the Carp Slam in my name.  David said it will be a large clear fly box with a suite case handle and customized with Indigo Guide Service/Third Coast Fly (pictured below).  I am going to add a dozen of my best carp flies straight out of my fly box.

Everyone who makes a donation in my name will have a chance to win the box and flies.  Good luck and I hope this raises a lot of money for Denver Trout Unlimited.

To donate click here. Please!

Fly fishing for carp.Carp fly.

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